About Monte Carlo

What does Damp-Rated Mean?

Damp-rated ceiling fans work well in areas with moisture, but should avoid direct contact with rain or the elements and hence should be limited to enclosed areas.

Suggested locations for damp-rated ceiling fans include:

  • Bathrooms
  • Enclosed patios/porches
  • Garages

What does Wind-Rated Mean?

There are no wind-rated fans and Monte Carlo's warranty does not cover wind damage. Mounting a fan in a non-sheltered location can cause the fan blades to become damaged and fall off the fan which may result in injury or property damage.

What does Wet-Rated Mean?

Wet-rated ceiling fans can handle ice, snow and rain. They have applications outdoor beyond damp-rated fans. However, the canopy must be covered and caulked around the edges.

Suggested locations for wet-rated ceiling fans include:

  • Covered patios and porches sheltered from high winds
  • Gazebos sheltered from high wind
  • Anywhere you can install a damp-rated fan